Clackamas County deserves leaders who can work across the aisle to get things done. Our local businesses need strong support to get families back to work, our kids need quality schools, and our communities need solutions for a positive, prosperous future.

Attract, Retain and Grow Local Businesses

Everyone talks about job creation, but we need to be more specific. Our communities need family wage jobs and industry needs leaders who support investments in infrastructure and workforce development. Senate District 20 is the heart of Clackamas County with family farms; forests; and working communities. We have tremendous opportunities for job growth from the redevelopment of the Blue Heron paper mill in Oregon City to supporting thriving small town Main Streets in Estacada and Canby. It’s time our communities and our priorities are given the attention they deserve.

Quality Schools = Successful Communities

As a parent in rural Clackamas County, I’ve seen firsthand the problems that funding cuts have created for our schools. The elementary school that my daughters attended and where we’ve volunteered for 12 years is at risk of closing because of lack of funding and declining enrollment.

School funding in our state must be a top priority. We can’t afford to continue cutting funds in Oregon classrooms, laying off teachers, or cutting school days. It is unacceptable that Oregon has one of the shortest school years in the nation. An educated workforce is critical to attracting, retaining and growing local businesses. Quality schools are essential for successful students and communities.

Finding Solutions for Clackamas County

During my time as a commissioner from 2011 – 2013, I led the board to support increased forest management, working closely with the conservation community and industry leaders– earning me an appointment to the Governor’s statewide O&C Lands Task Force. I advocated for services for seniors, including identifying and redirecting more than $250,000 from county administration and management to a small grant program that provided critical direct service dollars to our community’s senior centers and food banks. Public safety is a top priority for our communities. As a commissioner, I supported the successful passage of a public safety bond measure. Concerned about the rise in domestic violence in our county, I worked together with my fellow commissioners and legal, law enforcement and non-profit service providers to support developing a Family Justice Center – which opened in December 2013.

As a mediator, I value civility and reducing barriers that exist in government decision making.  I was successful in establishing evening commission meetings every month so working families could attend and quarterly meetings around the county in different communities making it easier for people to participate.

Currently, I work at Oregon State University, Institute for Natural Resources as Senior Research Faculty, spending half my time increasing economic development in the southern Willamette Valley, and the other half convening ranchers, conservation advocates and local, state and federal government agencies to address a potential endangered species listing in eastern Oregon. I understand and care deeply about the issues facing rural Oregonians. As the State Senator from the heart of Clackamas County, I will work tirelessly to bring people together and find solutions for our families, farms, and forests.

Together, we can win this campaign and send a true local representative to Salem; a champion for Clackamas County priorities. My campaign team is already hard at work, but winning in November won’t be an easy road, and I need your support. Let’s work together for a prosperous, positive future for Clackamas County.